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Who and What is Sammy Design?

Sammy Design is the birth child of Sam Luong, an Architectural Design graduate from Toronto – who since graduating in 2011 – has been exploring a variety of creative endeavors in order to find his passion and purpose in life.

Although his website was once created to offer freelance graphic design services, it has now evolved (just like Sam) into more of a virtual gallery, a blog space where he periodically shares his many travel photos, his interests/thoughts and all of his mini-creations.

This is one of the things that he discovered along the way that truly makes him happy in life.

Past commissioned projects for:
  • American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), Toronto
  • Christine Makeup Artistry (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Desi Noize
  • Engineering Success / Ryan Coelho
  • JSL Architect Inc.
  • Punjabi Students’ Association
  • Ryerson University
  • Rye’s Home Grown
  • Seed9 Photography
  • Vedette Soul
  • University of Windsor
(Click PORTFOLIO to see all completed projects & more)

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